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Decline of the High Street… How Online Marketing can help!

Long Live the High street When I was young (and I say young as my kids tell me 30 is old!) I used to love the weekends going round the local High Street with my mam. In my case it was Consett, where I now reside. I always remember it to be busy. Every store …

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Working from Home – Pro’s and Con’s

The Pro’s and Con’s of working from home There is a lot of freedom gained from becoming a freelancer it gives you the ability to work from home. Work Life Balance is something that I have found is easily obtained when working from home (as long as you do it right). You can fit in …

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So you want to be a freelancer

We all become freelancers for our own reasons It may be redundancy, a desire for independence or more flexibility or simply a desire to achieve more. For me, it was to achieve a work life balance that would work with my young family, and I have never looked back. BUT there are things you aren’t …

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