Every telephone call you take must be handled professionally. Whether it’s somebody phoning to make a complaint or someone wanting to place a large order, they must all be treated with the same respect.

Here at Smart Business Solutions we have experienced operatives who can help you with incoming and outbound calls. Some of the things we can help you with are:

·        Receiving and resolving customer service calls.

·        Appointment scheduling.

·        Sales and marketing calls, including cold calling.

All our operatives are trained and experienced in handling a wide variety of calls and problems, and will always resolve every issue to create the best impression for your business. They will learn your own customer service guidelines and will stick to them, or if you prefer them to use a script we can use one provided by you or help you to create one.

We have used most CRM systems and have also worked with Bespoke systems.

There are articles below which will be useful to you or if you wish to discuss further you can Book a FREE consultation.