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Registering as Self-employed

Deciding to set up business on your own is a big step, and one you’ll hopefully enjoy. When you first set your business up there is so much to do, but the first thing you must do is register yourself as self-employed. Why register as self-employed? When you are employed by someone else, they are …

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Working from Home – Pro’s and Con’s

The Pro’s and Con’s of working from home There is a lot of freedom gained from becoming a freelancer it gives you the ability to work from home. Work Life Balance is something that I have found is easily obtained when working from home (as long as you do it right). You can fit in …

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So you want to be a freelancer

We all become freelancers for our own reasons   It may be redundancy, a desire for independence or more flexibility or simply a desire to achieve more. For me, it was to achieve a work life balance that would work with my young family, and I have never looked back. BUT there are things you …

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