Long Live the High street

When I was young (and I say young as my kids tell me 30 is old!) I used to love the weekends going

consett high street

round the local High Street with my mam. In my case it was Consett, where I now reside. I always

remember it to be busy. Every store was mostly occupied with local sole traders and of course the obligatory Greggs and Boots. Christmas was always fun, when market stalls filled the High Street and I remember the characters that came with them.

Today unfortunately due to the easy ‘Click and Collect’, or next day delivery, it’s sad to see empty stores when I walk round the same High Street. I love the sense of community and a High Street is the heart of any town.

Of course as technology and the internet evolves we see the bigger companies take over, but there are ways that Online Marketing can help even a local store. It doesn’t take much and it can make a big difference.

Announce new products

Especially around the holiday season, some people will be hunting down specific gifts. Keep up to date with the trends and try and grab some of the sought after gifts. This way you can draw people to your store by advertising that they are available. Who knows what impulse buys they will get while in your store?

Limited Special Offers

While building an online following, announce limited special offers on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Or even to the people who like and share about you. It will boost awareness and keep people coming back to see what you have to offer.

Be personable

One shop I love and find uses social media well is Mr Wolf. This is an amazing toy store in a town called Hexham. Its physical presence is what first caught my eye. It drew me in. Once inside I was even more surprised at how well the store was laid out and the unique products it stored. It got better!


Mr Wolf. Hexham

The business is family run and their social media is enticing with regular updates all of which are fun and friendly. T his business is a great example of how to boost business and they recently set up an online store which also has the same personable qualities.

Social media is not as scary as it seems. It is easy to set up a page and start posting. Just make sure that you represent yourself and your store well. Keep it light and friendly. Tell people you are online. Support your own local businesses. While some may be selling competing goods you are in the same boat and when you get people on the High Street they are more likely to visit other stores.

I hope these few tips will help.

Long live the High Street!