Most small business owners like to think that they can handle their own diary. Unfortunately, as your business grows experience has shown that it gets harder for you to manage your time productively.

It is so easy to book appointments one after the other without realising that you will have quite a bit of traveling to do in between. If you have a particularly busy morning it is also easy to forget to check your diary so that you could miss an important meeting.

Our experienced assistants know exactly how to help you to schedule and keep on top of all of your appointments. We can book your appointments for you, taking into account the time it will take you to get to them and even allowing you time between appointments for that all-important cup of coffee. If you add items to your diary yourself, we can immediately highlight any potential conflicts and make arrangements to rearrange things were necessary.

They know to check so that if you have potential customers in the same area your appointments will be booked so that you get the best out of your time. They can also send you reminders to make sure that no appointments are missed.

If you have virtual meetings, on Skype or in Google hangouts, for example, we can also liaise with the other participants to ensure that all timings fit in with any preparation they may need to do, their time zones and their own personal appointments.

If your time is professionally managed, you will feel more relaxed at every meeting and will create the best impression every time.

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