“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected”

One of the biggest assets for any company is their staff. Without their experience and dedication, nothing will get done. If a workforce feels appreciated, they will work harder and stay with you. If they are unappreciated, they will work less or simply leave.

While you get an immediate benefit from using staff members to help you, you must always make sure that they get some benefit from working for you. If you pay low wages and offer the minimum of holiday every year, they will soon leave and go to work somewhere else. If you pay them well and offer other benefits, they are more likely to stay with you and that appreciation will show in the way they do their work.

A member of staff who has been in a job for a long time, is extremely valuable. They will know a great deal about your business and what you offer, and so will be more efficient in dealing with customers and their enquiries. If staff turnover is high, that will show in your customer service, as they will be less knowledgeable.

Benefits come in all shapes and sizes. Employees all get holiday pay and are generally enrolled in a pension scheme, but there are lots of easy ways you can show your staff how much you appreciate them.

A simple meal for your team will make a big difference to them, as will a day out or even something as simple as a Christmas bonus.

As well as rewarding your staff, there are other things you need to do to make sure you utilise their skills and experience to your advantage, so that they feel respected and valued.

Utilise and appreciate your staff

  • When you take on a new employee it can be very daunting for them. You know exactly what they need to do and how to find your way around. They won’t know where to start, so spend some time with them, or get someone to show them around and make some introductions. It’s no fun if a new employee spends half of their lunchtime looking for the canteen.
  • Some members of staff will leave if they feel underappreciated and under used. Quite often new people are brought on board to replace leavers when there are employees who are more than capable of being promoted to take their job. Always promote from within if you can. It not only makes that member of staff feel appreciated, but shows others in the company that there is the chance of promotion.If employees think there is a prospect of advancing their career, they are more likely to stay, as they won’t feel as if they are in a dead end job.
  • In most businesses new practices or procedures are necessary. You may have spent a lot of money taking advice about how to implement new procedures. Your staff work with the procedures you currently have and may have some very good suggestions of how your internal procedures can be improved. If you ask them, you will not only make them feel like an important part of your team, but it could save you money too.
  • If you are a small business, it can be tempting to try to involve yourself in what goes on in the office or on the shop floor. While you may only be there out of interest, or showing your staff how to do things to be helpful, they may well see it as interfering because you don’t think they can do their job properly. Have confidence in the staff you employ and let them do the jobs you pay them for. If you have hired them well, you can safely leave them to it and get on with the business of running your business.
  • Make sure your staff have the right equipment for the job, and offer training if it is required. If they don’t know how to operate something or don’t understand the latest procedures, they’ll just get frustrated. If they have outdated equipment, this makes their job harder and lets them think that you don’t really care. If training is needed to show them how to operate any equipment always provide it, no matter how easy you think that equipment is. If you train the right staff, that can reap rewards too. Not everyone works at the same pace, so if you have a staff member who is struggling, talk to them and see if they would benefit from additional training.

If you think about your staff and offer them a pleasant place to work, they will reward you with their loyalty. Money is important, but when it comes to a job, recognition and respect are equally important. If you take the time to show them that they are an important part of your business, they will be more likely to stay with you and offer the best service they can give.