Project Management

It can be difficult to realise when you need the help of a project manager.  Working with the same standard operating procedures every day can soon become a habit, and it can be a hard one to break. You may think everything is running well, but you will soon find that errors are creeping in and important jobs are being missed. This is when you need a project manager to help you.

A project manager can view your operation with fresh eyes and help in many areas such as,

  • Providing a more realistic time frame/schedule for projects. Rushing to meet unrealistic deadlines can incur more costs and ultimately result in a poorer quality of work.
  • Gaining a better understanding of your capacity. If staff are put under too much pressure and expected work unreasonably long hours to complete a job, the quality of their work will suffer.
  • Ensuring that the right projects and tasks are prioritised. There is no point creating a marketing campaign if the procedures required to finish the job are not in place.
  • Optimising staff and resources. If staff have time on their hands, this is a waste of resources and unproductive. Good project management means that everyone will be productive at all times.
  • Ensuring that teams work together and collaborate effectively.  Collaboration is vital on all projects, but it should always be between the right teams. Having a 1 hour meeting with 5 people to discuss something which only involves 2 people is a waste of time and resources. It may only be 1 hour, but it equates to 5 hours of paid time.
  • Improving on cost control and budget.  It is essential in any business to ensure that money is not wasted in unnecessary areas.
  • Improving reporting and providing a detailed break down with a realistic view on where every project is.

So as you can see a project manager is not just someone who manages a project by telling each team member what to do.  They nurture and encourage the process to ensure that communication, cost, quality and deadlines are all improved.

How can we help with Project Management?

When hiring a project manager through Smart Business Solutions you get someone who is experienced in many areas of business.  Someone who is used to dealing with large teams with many staff members and departments, as well as smaller businesses with just a few people.  They will take the time to understand how your teams work and what the ultimate aim of your business is and then suggest improvements which could be made to the structure of your organisation to help you achieve this.  It may be that you have staff members completing a number of tasks where it could be more efficient to have them focusing on what they are best at.

We use project management tools such as Wrike, Asana, Trello and Slack to help organise your business projects and ensure a more streamlined and efficient approach to track the progress of every project through to completion. You will find that there is also more accountability during each stage of a project when it is written down and available for everyone to see.

What next?

It’s simple.  If you feel that your business can benefit from a project manager either on a one-off basis or to help you improve the efficiency of your business on an ongoing basis, just contact us.  We can book a free consultation and discuss your needs and help talk you through a plan of action.