Laura Smart

Laura began Smart Business Solutions in 2012 when it started out as Personal Touch Business Assistants.
She quickly realised there was a need for clients to have dedicated staff who may not always be needed 9-5, but rather on a casual basis as and when their to do lists escalated.

She also found that there was a high number of women who were highly experienced in many areas but who could not find a position which fitted in with their childcare.

Now she matches some amazing women (and men) to clients who can benefit from the knowledge and abilities of these experienced workers.

  • Super Strategiser
  • Tenacious Troubleshooter
  • Clowns

Mark W. - Technical Support

Mark has always been technically minded and has a passion for gadgets old and new.

Known for taking things apart to see how they tick, he is always on hand for setting up our networks, fixing our equipment and ensuring that our data is secure online.

He provides excellent written material on new technology, social media and business developments.

  • Technical Tyrant
  • Gadget Guru
  • Gadget Budget

Claire H. - Executive Assistant

Claire has been an executive assistant for 12 years and has an amazing ability to jump into high pressure situations and put everything in order.  Clients with a large to do list benefit from having her on their side.

Organisational skills and her positive attitude means that she is also a great people person and works well in liaising with potential and current customers of your business.

  • Orginisational aficionado
  • Task management master
  • Spiders

Sara N. - Executive Assistant

Sara is our resident writer and produces excellent blogs and content for our client’s websites. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to SEO and knows the best way to write an article which will benefit you and your website.

From blog posts to social media content Sara ensures that her content is well researched and fits well with your business voice.

As well as writing Sara has also been an executive assistant for over 25 years and is experienced in many genres of business.

  • Wonderful Wordsmith
  • Numbers Nemesis
  • Spiders