“An Email can make or break a potential opportunity for you”

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to creating an email list to be used for email marketing. I am of the opinion that it is a brilliant method of marketing, but only if it is used correctly. Email marketing can be a useful tool for any business, but you should never abuse your list. Respect your potential customers, and your email list will grow.

What is an email list?

Simply put, it is an address book for emails. Most often this just contains the name of the person and their email address, but you may also have other information. If possible try to have as much detail in your email list as possible. As an example;

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Town/City
  • Phone Number
  • Email

The more details you have the easier it is to personalise your emails and this can get you better results.

Who needs an email list?

Everyone in business can benefit from an email list. I believe that it can also be one of the best lines of communications when dealing with customers. Not everyone is available to take phone calls at convenient times for your business. If your customers are like me I also screen a lot of my calls if they come up on my personal number, especially with the increase in PPI calls, accident claim companies, (who never ask ‘are you alright?’) and of course energy companies.

Emails are convenient for everyone. We all go through and check our emails regularly, and yours will sit and wait patiently for people to check their mailboxes. If you are considerate with the frequency of your emails and don’t send them several times a day, they will eventually draw your customers attention.

You will find a lot of marketing companies talking about social media marketing, and yes, this is also a great method to gain new customers. You can set whatever budget you want for this and it doesn’t have to be a lot. Emails can be personalised far more easily and if you introduce an email marketing strategy, you will continue to build relationships with existing customers as well as helping you to develop a larger customer base.

How much does it cost?

When you are starting up you will find that you won’t have too many contacts to keep track of.

I would recommend starting straight off with an email system.

There are many systems you can use and a lot are based on the number of emails in your database.

You will find that most offer a free service for a set number of contacts or emails sent, and will charge if you go over this.

Personally I find that MailChimp offers the best bargain and the platform is excellent for people learning how to develop email campaigns. They also have a great library of help documents for you to get started on your first email marketing campaign.

Why is it important?

The most important question and it has a very simple answer. Email marketing allows you to contact your customers with offers, and keeps your company as a brand they will remember. This will bring you repeat sales, more contracts and possibly even recommendations to friends and family. There is no price on word of mouth advertising.

The emails that you will send to your list should be concise and should ideally include the customers name in the greeting. The email itself should include the following information to stay relevant and to be interesting:

  • Descriptions of new products
  • Information about promotional offers, including how long the offer is on for
  • Information about any recent work or projects you have completed

If you don’t tell your customers what you are up to, they wont ask. They need to be reminded you are there, so, as I said earlier, ‘Be interesting’. That is probably the most important point as no one wants to read a long winded and lengthy email.

If you do need help with your emails, starting an email campaign or anything to do with marketing your business, please do not hesitate to contact us, or book yourself in for your free consultation.