The Pro’s and Con’s of working from home

There is a lot of freedom gained from becoming a freelancer it gives you the ability to work from home.

Work Life Balance is something that I have found is easily obtained when working from home (as long as you do it right). You can fit in school runs, appointments, and even structure in some ‘me time’ which is always good to keep the stress levels low. Sounds great? As long as you do some work. One fatal flaw with people who work from home is the levels of work diminish as you get too comfortable in your surroundings.


Set up a work area

A small quiet area of the house where you can sit and concentrate on what you are doing. It also works to help you turn yourself off from work at the end of the day. Too many people burn out if they know that there is a to-do list waiting for them. It is

important to be able to turn off at the end of the day.

Set your hours

Most of us will have a set number of hours each week. Make yourself a schedule and try and balance it well with your life. One mistake I made when I started out was to have my time unevenly balanced. I would find myself at the end of the week with extra tasks piling up because I hadn’t completed the essential work at the beginning of the week. You also don’t know what might come up so always set yourself a buffer.

To-do list

This is something I still use today. Whether it is a white board list, or a fancy app you use set yourself a to-do list and cross tasks off as you complete them. You will find that this helps towards motivation and productivity. Nobody is perfect and things can be forgotten when you get lost in a task, a to-do list will keep you on the right track and ensure you are reliable for your clients.

Maintain Professionalism

Get dressed as if you are attending the office. I don’t mean wear a pressed shirt everyday but ensure you are presentable. You do not know when a last minute Skype call will come in and you need to look the part. Apart from looking presentable it will also help you get in the mood for work. No pyjama parties.

These are just a few of the tips to help you avoid home distractions and have a healthy work from home environment. Hopefully this will help you keep or get back on the right track to gaining you work life balance and boosting your business.

Now get back to work!